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June 25-29, 2018

Campers who attend the Morning Only session will participate in half of the program.  Which half it is depends on which group they are placed into.  All campers will get to experience the robotics breakout that is new to camp this year.  Take a peek at what VEX IQ robotics are like by watching this YouTube video:

Breakout Sections

Each age group of campers will be divided into random groups to participate in breakout sections.  Example sections included below:

Killer Cards:

Is it possible to throw a playing card fast enough to inflict bodily harm?  We will explore the force of air resistance as we prototype helicopters and explore how the shape of paper affects how it flies through the air.



Can ice cream survive the temperatures of a hot oven without melting? We will explore the science behind insulation.

Blind Driving:

Can your keen sense of direction and good communication help a partner identify something they can't see?

Movie Myths:

Could balloons lift a house like in the movie Up?  Would Anna's ice skates work?  Would the Bat Signal work, like in Batman?

Fair or Not:

Are random selectors completely random?  We will explore probability and fallibility or infallibility of dice and coin flipping, engineer methods to test these commonly used items, make iterations, and use them to play games of chance and probability.

Dodge a Bullet:

How fast are human reflexes?  We will explore the inter-workings of the nervous system and how reflexes work to help us.  But are you fast enough?

Fire and Ice:

Can you start a fire with ice?  What about a plastic bag and some water? We will explore lenses and properties of light to determine if starting fire with ice is fact or fiction.

Superhero Strength:

We will put our muscles and stamina to the test, explore what goes into a push or a pull and learn about various muscle types, and confirm or debunk Hollywood cliffhangers.

Running in the Rain:

Prepare to get wet!  We will explore the angles of rain and how they impact what gets wet.  Can you run between the raindrops?

Tablecloth Chaos:

Can you pull a tablecloth out from under a set table without breaking anything?

Simple Machine Music:

Go on a simple machine scavenger hunt. Can you create a Rube Goldberg chain reaction using simple machines that is timed to music?

Hit the Note:

Use tone, frequency, pitch, technology and random found objects to compose music or play a song?

Dome It Challenge:

Campers select a challenge from one of these options and explore the concepts of Bio-recycling technologies to solve a problem with given constraints.

  1. Under the dome: Your community has been trapped under a large clear dome.

  2. Space exploration: Your group is about to embark on a decade-long journey to a distant planet.

  3. Underground dilemma: Your group has been pushed underground.

  4. Recolonize Earth: Earth has become a wasteland, but is now showing signs of new vegetation. Your group is in charge of recolonizing the planet.

  5. Life at sea: Your group is adrift on the open ocean.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Campers demystify telecommunications.  How is one phone linked to another to place a call?

In the Shadows:

Campers will learn about light and color. We will use lights to explore how shadows are made, maybe make some shadow art, explore how colors mix in pigments and light to discover if balloons have colored shadows, and uncover some surprising truths about color.


Musical Mermaid Myth:

Could Ariel sing underwater? We will perform experiments to prove once and for all if Ariel's aquatic melodies can hold water on land. We might even discover what it takes to move at the speed of sound. We will use tuning forks and make models of how sound travels through different mediums.

Lightning Legends:

How did Benjamin Franklin stand outside in a thunderstorm and live to tell the tale?  Are all light bulbs created equal? We are going to perform some shocking static electricity experiments to possibly rewrite history. 

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